Higher Education in Poland


Getting higher education in Poland brings a lot of advantages with itself.

  1. Some of them are:
  2. Polish universities provide high-quality educational services;
  3. Recognized in EU countries;
  4. The possibility of free movement within the EU;
  5. The right to work in the country while studying.

For admission to Polish universities, students need to have a certificate of secondary education – when enrolling in undergraduate(Bachelor degree) programs or a bachelor’s diploma – when enrolling in graduate(Magister degree) programs. Education at universities is held in Polish and English. To confirm knowledge of one of the languages, you can use a certificate or take preparatory courses at the university, which, as a rule, take place in the summer, before the semester begins.

  1. Educational System
  2. Bachelor’s degree – 3 years (6 semesters)
  3. Engineer degree – 4 years (technical specialists)
  4. Master’s degree – 4.5-5 years

Many Polish universities offer students the possibility to combine studies with paid internships (1 semester of theoretical training + 1 semester of paid practice in a specialty).

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