Higher Education in Slovakia
Higher Education in Slovakia TEST
Название Расположение Стоимость

Slovakia offers free higher education in state universities in Slovak language! In addition, the advantage of studying there is that most specialties in Slovak universities do not require entrance exams. You can go to a private university, where tuition will be paid, but more comfortable compared to a state university. After all, you pay the funds, which means that the requirements for you from the teachers will be more loyal. The cost of studying at a private university starts from 680 euros per year. You can study and work at the same time because all students in Slovakia have the right to work – 20 hours per week. Also, a comfortable option for school graduates is to prepare for admission to a number of specialties (medicine, psychology, journalism) on annual or semi-annual Slovak language courses.

  1. There are few possibilities to study Slovak language in advance in Your home country, as well as directly in Slovakia:
  2. 1. Learning a language via Skype or with local teachers. According to past experience, such a study costs 10-12 euros for 1 lesson, which is divided into all students in the group in the case of Skyper lessons.
  3. 2. Learn the language on special courses in Slovakia, such courses can last from 1 month to 1 year. Also, every year many universities organize language courses for foreigners at the universities themselves. Usually, You can them before starting your studies.
  4. 3. And finally, the most unique opportunity! A specialty called “Slovak language in the linguistic competence of foreign students” has been opened at Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, specifically for foreign students, and is designed just to allow foreign students to study directly at the university, while being in the learning environment among peers in order to learn the Slovak language. Admission to the university takes place without entrance exams, the studying itself lasts 3 years for the Bachelor’s degree.

Slovak education is recognized all over the world, which means you can work and live in all countries of Europe, America and Canada!

We will help you to choose a university, taking into account any of your wishes, whether it is a specialty, budget or city of residence.

  1. Specialties You can study in Slovakia without entrance exams:
  2. Biotechnology / Food Technology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Medical chemistry and chemicals
  5. Environmental protection
  6. Chem. technology
  7. Food, cosmetics and health
  8. Regional Economics and Development
  9. Public administration
  10. European studies
  11. Political science
  12. Mines and geotechnics
  13. Transport logistics
  14. Building
  15. Construction and architecture
  16. Design
  17. Geology and Regional Development
  18. English language and literature in combination
  19. German language and literature in combination
  20. Slovak language and literature in combination
  21. Applied Informatics
  22. Electronics
  23. Cybernetics
  24. Industrial Logistics
  25. Ecological Technologies
  26. Metallurgy
  27. Mechanical engineering
  28. Thermal/gas industry

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