Advantages of Studying in Ukraine

There are plenty of various advantages of studying in a foreign country, from a high-quality education system to getting familiar with different cultures and improving language skills.

  1. Why should You study in Ukraine?
  2. Quality of education;
  3. Globally recognized courses (Europe, UK, USA, Asia, Africa);
  4. Medical degree recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB (UK), USMLE (USA), throughout EU and various international organization;
  5. Most universities don’t hold entry test(contact us for more information about certain university);
  6. Most universities don’t require IELTS or TOEFL(contact us for more information about certain university);
  7. Tuition fee paid on arrival;
  8. Cost-effective;
  9. European life standard;
  10. Worldwide acceptance of Ukrainian method of teaching;
  11. English medium of instruction;
  12. Emphasis on practical aspects of teaching;
  13. Moderate climate around the year;
  14. International students enjoy approximately 30-50% discounts on travel;
  15. Enrichment of experience through visiting professors from USA, CANADA, UK, etc.
  16. Participation of students in seminars/symposia/project work, etc. in other European cities;
  17. Bilateral student exchange program with universities in different countries;
  18. Chances of Permanent residence and Settlement in Europe after completion of study program.