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Tatyana, mother of Denis Dudnik, student in Nitra(Slovakia)

We would like to express our gratitude to Avers-Express LTD Firm, in particular Natalya Viktorovna, for her help, professional advice, collecting, preparing documents and choosing a program for my son.

Having already entered the first year, we continued to receive assistance from the company in the settlement in the hostel, passing the medical commission, submitting and receiving documents for a residence permit.

In the agency, we were very quickly helped with choosing the study program. The son chose the University of Konstantin Philosopher in Nitra (Slovakia), the specialty “Applied Informatics.” We are very satisfied with the study process. There are only usefull subjects. Learning is difficult, but very interesting . We did not have knowledge of the language, but Natalya Viktorovna suggested attending monthly summer courses in Banska Bystrica. There, the son got to the level of A1-A2 in a month.

Yulia Panasenko - student of the Agricultural University in Nitra

She is studying in English language program "International Business with agrarian commodities".

I study at the Slovak Agrarian University in Nitra the program "International business with agrarian commodities" (in English).

From the next academic year, tuition for foreigners is paid-700 euros.
We have only 4 study days (Mon-Thu), the lectures are interesting, the teachers are mostly wonderful, the attitude towards foreigners is also very good.

I live in the Anton Bernolak dormitory with a neighbor and pay 63 euros per month.

Bulygina Jana, Student of Matej Bel University (Banska Bystrica), Slovakia

Having studied for a year, I do not regret a single drop of my decision. Thanks to Avers Express LTD for the timely proposed option, help and opportunities that I now have!

I’ve been studying for a year in Slovakia, at the University of Matej Bel (Banska Bystrica).

Everyone really liked the city. The one minus is the city has only one shopping center.3-week language courses passed quickly and we are already at the university. I entered the magistracy of the Faculty of Economics, specialty - Business Marketing Management. All lectures are in presentation format. A projector and screen are installed in each audience.  You must master 80% of the material yourself, the rest is given by the teachers in thesis form (presentation). The university has specially equipped computer rooms for study, a library and a lot of opportunities for development.

Evgeniy Chepel. Nitra (Slovakia). 2019.

I started the 2019 school year in Slovakia. I am currently a freshman at the Constantine Philosopher University in Nitra. My choice is "English in communications". Learning is not easy, but interesting. By the way, for us, foreigners, education is free(in Slovak language).

I want to tell everyone who plans, and maybe still hesitates, to enter the educational institutions of the Slovak Republic: dream, strive and everything will work out for you. Main thing is Your wish. And of course, parental support.

I convey my words of congratulations to the employees of Avers Express LLC, who helped us with the choice of the university, to collect all the necessary documents correctly and on time, they took care of us and are taking care of us during our stay in Slovakia. I really liked Bratislava! Now I dream of seeing other cities in Slovakia and nearby European countries. The main thing now is studying, successful passing of exams in the first session.

Nikita Sherstyuk, a student at Comenius University in Bratislava

Slovak language courses held at the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica became not only useful and necessary for my further study, but also unforgettable moments of communication with peers, learning about the unique nature of mountainous Slovakia, exciting visits to architectural monuments.

Special thanks to the language teachers, Mrs. Larysa Janchuk, and of course to the organizers of the courses - the company "Avers Express LTD", which inspired to learn about amazing Slovakia, and, thanks to the Slovak courses, determined my choice of school. Today I am a student at a Slovak university.

Alexey Horpynchenko - Matej Bel University. Slovakia

Interesting activities, exciting hikes, excursions, quests. All this gave an understanding: Slovakia is my country!

Today I am a student of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of this leading European university.

I had to study the Slovak language at an extremely fast pace: language courses at the Matej-Bel University in Banská Bystrica helped here.

Leisure. Although there is almost no time left for it (studying is difficult and requires a lot of time and effort), my Slovak friends and I have already managed to visit Bratislava and Budapest.

And if you want to see the world at the same time and get a European diploma of higher education, contact "Avers-Express" for an advice. I reccomend it to everyone!

Vladislav Kyzymenko - a student at Komensky University in Bratislava

Everything is just fine. Their education system is different than in Ukraine. It is easy to study.

Everyone treats foreigners very well, teachers can make concessions the first time. They understand that we still do not speak Slovak very well yet.

When I arrived, I could not say a word in Slovak at all, now I speak well already.In my free time I often go for a walk or try to find a job.There is a lot of work for students here, the choice of work is very large, so there will be no problems. In supermarkets in the evening there are frequent sales of products not sold during the day, they can be bought at a discount. (While the expiration date is still quite decent). Wonderful city, friendly people, great university…

I really like it here, I am very grateful to Avers-Express for such an opportunity, thank you very much.

Golovko Sergey, University of Transport and Logistics Wroclaw, Poland

Now I continue to study in my second year at the International Higher School of Logistics and Transport in the city of Wroclaw. The training is very interesting, since teachers convey all the information that relates to the subject in detail and in the way that is easy to understand.

I like very much that the subjects are taught in Polish, as this greatly helps the study of the Polish language

Approximate housing prices range from 350 to 700 zlotys (from 100 to 200 dollars)
Approximately 400 zlotys go for food. per month (about 100 euros per month) As for entertainment, everyone is different, someone spends 100 someone 500, and someone nothing at all. Personally, I have about a hundred zloty per month for this.

What can I advise - let them learn the language and let them not be afraid of anything new... It is necessary to be persistent and purposeful, then any dream can be achieved...

Valya Lyubitskaya, student of the Shafarika University in Kosice (1 year, specialty - European state administration)

I really like to study. It is difficult only in the beginning, then everything is much simpler. Many are ready to help if something is not understandable.

I am extremely pleased that I entered Slovakian university, especially in Kosice. The city itself is very beautiful.

Many teachers are quite responsive and understand that it is difficult for foreigners with language at first. But after a couple of months, basically everyone adapts.After 2 months of studying, it is quite possible to get a job, this is done by student teams that help and find the right job for you.

You need to be prepared for any difficulties. If there is a desire to study, get a prestigious job - everything will work out. In order to speak their language well even after a month in the country, only practice will help, nothing more. And most importantly, do not be afraid to speak!