Summer Language Camp. South Bohemia, Lake Lipno

Summer language camp opens, with the possibility of learning English or Czech on the shores of the largest artificial lake Lipno in the Czech Republic. We suggest You to give up boring sitting at desks in favor of fun and productive language learning in nature!

The purpose of this program is to increase the attractiveness of a foreign language and expand communication skills. Based on this, each group is accompanied by two teachers, one of whom is a native speaker, conducts training in the morning, the other conducts classes in the afternoon in the form of general games, acquaintance with sports.

Studying is conducted mainly by native speakers, programs are designed for each section separately and taking into account the level and age of participants. Unobtrusive and exciting forms of learning are used so that children do not feel forced, as they sometimes do at school. Studying includes various games, competitions and other interesting activities. Participants undergo systematic language training with alternative ways and methods and with an emphasis on continuous communication.

The effectiveness of daily intensive training is high only when children can relax in the process of entertainment. You are offered a colorful palette of active recreation. Morning and afternoon language learning alternates with evening sports activities.

Along with learning and competitions, children have many opportunities to develop their skills. The advantages of the summer camp, of course, include the ability of employees to respect and develop the diverse interests of each individual participant, listen to his or her wishes and take into account their ambitions. Of course, the enchanting nature of the South Bohemian Region also contributes to this. You may be surprised that many rare and protected animals live here. The forests and meadows surrounding the camp area are again a great place for a variety of games and short hikes. Boating, which many children encounter for the first time in their lives, for some is a romantic walk, for others it is an exciting race on which they focus all the efforts.

Swimming in the lake, as well as football, volleyball, table tennis are traditionally popular, especially popular among children are frisbee, softball, paintball, cricket. The multifunctional club room serves as both a cinema hall and a venue for discos or holiday parties. Recently, for example, karaoke or talent shows, beauty contests or model shows have become very popular. Our goal is not only to entertain children, we try to instill in them a desire for a healthy lifestyle, responsibility for their behavior, a positive attitude towards others and nature.

Accommodation, Meals

Olszyna is located on the shores of Lake Lipno near Český Krumlov in southern Bohemia. The area of ​​4.5 hectares has its own beach. Part of the beach is hidden in the shade of trees, the other is decorated in the form of terraces. Participants are offered accommodation in small houses for 4 people with shared services and in large houses for 6 people, each of which has its own bathroom. There is also a grocery store, restaurant, sports area, bicycle and boat rental.

There is a free Wi-Fi network for guests from all over the camp, and children can also use the computer at the reception. Food and children’s menu are designed taking into account the recommendations of a pediatric nutritionist. The individual menu is discussed with each parent separately, taking into account the wishes or intolerance of specific ingredients.

  1. Example of Menu:
  2. Breakfast: oatmeal;
  3. Snack: fruit and nut bar;
  4. Lunch: chicken broth, chops and baked vegetables;
  5. Snack: fruit, yogurt;
  6. Dinner: baked chicken breast, whole grain noodles;
  7. Throughout the day, children receive water or tea to maintain water balance.


500 Euro – 1 week.

790 Euro – 2 weeks.

Interested? Do not hesitate and contact us!