Summer Language Course + Week at the Sea in Italy. The Program "Smart Vacation - Summer in the Czech Republic with a Holiday at the Sea in Italy"

We invite children and young people aged 9 to 18 to participate in the program.

Periods of study:
1st arrival: June 15 – July 05;
2nd arrival: July 13 – August 02;
3rd arrival: August 10 – August 30.
Course intensity – 10 hours per week.
Number of language classes – 30 hours.
Course price – 1500 euros *.

  1. Course program:
  2. Studying – classes in English, Czech, German (30 academic hours);
  3. A week at sea in Italy;
  4. Excursion to Prague and the Czech Republic (according to the course program);
  5. Visiting a water park, zoo, botanical garden;
  6. Games and tournaments;
  7. Czech crafts;
  8. Schools and universities in the Czech Republic;
  9. Publication of the Internet newspaper: we write, type, draw, take photos;
  10. Masterclasses (according to the course program).

At the end of the course, you are tested and issued a certificate of European standard.

Interested? Do not hesitate and contact us!