Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy

Higher State Educational Institution of Ukraine «Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy» is the leading state university training doctors, in particular dentists. The Academy started its activity in 1921 as odontology department of Kharkiv Medical Academy.
In 1967, the institute moved to Poltava and was renamed as Poltava Medical Stomatological Institute. In 1994, Poltava Medical Stomatological Institute obtained the highest (IV-th) level of accreditation and the status of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy. In 2014, the IV-th accreditation level was confirmed by the Accreditation Commission of Ukraine.
Currently, 4249 students are enrolled at the Academy, 764 of them are foreigners from 46 countries. There are Stomatological Faculty, Medical Faculty №1, Medical Faculty №2 (Pediatrics), Faculty for Foreign Students Training, Department of Pre-University Training and Faculty of Postgraduate Education. There is a college established on the basis of «UMSA» that prepares bachelors and junior specialists. Pharmaceutical division successfully operates since 2008, and in 2012 the extramural training of junior pharmacy experts was launched. The specialties available for foreigners are:

  1. Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy
  2. 1. Dentistry(Mgr.) – 5 years; Tuition fee: $4,592-$5,404/year;
  3. 2. General Medicine(Mgr.) – 6 years; Tuition fee: $4,008-$4,819/year;
  4. 3. Nurse(Bc.) – 4 years.
  1. Medical college on the basis of UMSA
  2. Care for the elderly – 3 years; Tuition fee: $2,800-$3,100/year;
  3. Orthopedic dentistry – 2 years; Tuition fee: $3,398-$3,568/year;
  4. Pharmacy – 2 years.

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Training of foreign citizens is conducted according to the curriculum and programs of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine. Foreign students have at their disposal classrooms, reading rooms, library, and sports facilities on equal terms with citizens of Ukraine. Foreign students also have specially allotted areas for cultural, religious activities and community meetings. Courses are provided by teachers with extensive expertise of working with foreign citizens at the initial stages of their training. After graduation, foreign students obtain diplomas of international standard.
In 2011, Higher State Educational Institution of Ukraine «Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy» celebrated its jubilee – the 90-th anniversary of Alma Mater founding.
Over the period of its existence, the Academy has trained 28.700 dentists, 12.000 doctors of other specialities, about 1.600 specialists of nursing staff.
Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy has taken an important step towards joining the European educational space and enables its graduates to become competitive, recognized specialists in any country of the world.

You can learn more information about the university from the informational booklet:

UMSA Informational Booklet

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